Verticalized Services

Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Deep and wide expertise to help you digitally transform your business

Banking and Financial Services


Seamlessly integrating diverse data sources can accelerate digitalization while closing the digital gap.


Accelerate your competitiveness, simplify processes, and create business value with innovative, customized Hitachi Digital Services for manufacturing.

Energy and Utilities

Optimize operations with data-driven solutions and take advantage of digitalization opportunities to master increasingly complex and dynamic business environments.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Gain deeper patient insights, reduce operational costs, manage finances, ensure compliance, and realize better outcomes with data-driven solutions.

Retail and Consumer Goods

Accelerate how you bring people, data, and processes together to maintain a competitive advantage in a digitally transformed world.


Improve public services, safety, and efficiency with data-driven solutions and powerful insights for national, state, and local governments.


Turn Challenges into Opportunities in a Changing World