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Gain Insights with Video.

Maximize operational effectiveness, while enhancing the security and experience of your space.

Video data is ubiquitous, driving more accurate and effective operations in spaces worldwide.

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Achieve Operational Excellence

Through the power of video intelligence, gain greater insights so operations teams become more efficient and effective by implementing a more proactive approach.

Unify, Manage And Employ Your Data Today

Deploy the right hardware and software to support the unique needs of your video data.

Unite All Your IoT Sensors And Smart Edge Devices

Gain complete visibility, intelligence at the edge, and unify your new and existing camera systems.

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Elements of Smart Spaces

Moreno Valley Builds A Citywide Video Surveillance System with Hitachi

Steve Hargis PhD

Division Manager Technology Services

Hitachi brings together data and insights from all government departments to transform citizen services.

Mr. Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Chief Minister