Maximize Your Investment With Cloud FinOps

Improve operational efficiency with optimized cloud spend.

Transform Your Cloud Financial Management

At its core, FinOps is a three-step process that aims to inform, optimize and operate. At Hitachi, we go even further to help you gain full visibility into your cloud spend to simplify your financial management. This ensures costs are aligned with your business goals.

The Expert Opinion

Customer Story

Deluxe provides technology-based solutions for more than 4 million small business customers and more than 4000 financial institutions. Watch Michael Mathews, the CIO at Deluxe, articulate how they are working with Hitachi Digital Services on their cloud journey.

Michael Mathews

Lowering cloud costs and driving innovation with Hitachi Digital Services: a conversation with the CIO of Deluxe.

What is FinOps?

With the complexity of cloud infrastructure and pricing models, cloud spend can quickly spiral out of control. FinOps is a set of practices, processes and tools that enable organizations to better understand, manage and optimize their cloud costs. FinOps lets you align technical, financial and business teams to gain visibility into your cloud costs, identify cost optimization opportunities and implement best practices to take control of cloud spending.

Drive Cost Efficiency and Empower Your Business


Reduction in Total Cost of Operations


Cost Reduction for Cloud Vendor Services


Savings with Cost Optimization Services