Cloud migration done right: achieve clarity with any and every cloud

Fast track cloud transformation by moving applications and workloads using our end-to-end cloud modernization services.  Accelerate change at speed and at scale using proven methodologies and expertise.

Deciding to move to the cloud is easy. Doing it right isn’t.

Ensure success and continuity by aligning a cloud migration strategy with long-term business objectives.


Reduction in Manual Coding Efforts

Automate code life cycle and improve cloud efficiencies with Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform.


Increase in Engineering Team productivity

Accelerate your journey to cloud with best-practice processes and blueprints-based automation resulting in 7 months of saved time for cloud migration.


Modernization Project ROI

Maximize value of cloud by rehosting and optimizing enterprise applications without rewriting.


Consistent Deployments

Automate infrastructure creation and deployment with proven, efficient and on-time delivery.

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Smart Migration for Far-Reaching Cloud Impact

Achieve faster ROI from cloud migration by modernizing workloads, implementing DevOps practices and app-centric approach to development.

Customer Voice

Sestra Systems Delivers Greater Value to Customers

“With our enhanced platform from Hitachi, we’re more focused on what we can provide to customers, to give them more value in the service we’re already providing.”

– Ben Maphis
Vice President of Engineering
Sestra Systems


Fast Track Cloud Migration and Modernization

Enjoy increased agility and efficiency on cloud with better visibility and automation for faster, better decision-making.



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