Now’s the time for your cloud, your way.

You’re at the helm of a unique, vastly complex, multi-cloud environment. Building. Deploying. Running. Operating. How can you optimize everything?

It’s time for a new approach, according to Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. One that paves the way for reliable, constantly improving IT – with automated monitoring and management. One that complements in-house talents with instant access to the latest skills and that keeps costs to a minimum not just for now – but also with every change you make.

Taking cloud to the next level.

New research reveals the top barriers businesses face managing multi-cloud
environments—and what techniques and approaches your peers are
adopting to solve them according to a new survey of 283 business respondents.

Explore the findings in this paper, Strategies for Managing Multi-Cloud Environments. Plus, learn why Harvard Business Review Analytic Services think it’s time to redesign cloud decision-making. You’ll also find case studies from leading firms, who’ve successfully automated their cloud operations.

Organizations are divided when it comes to cloud strategy.

Most firms manage several public and private clouds. And approaches to migration vary widely – with many leaders testing multiple strategies.


report re-platforming their applications


have replaced legacy applications with cloud-native ones

Some businesses have tackled complexity head-on.


have a coordinated approach to managing their clouds across the enterprise

But even for the leaders, it’s a bumpy ride.


struggle to keep up with the technology skills/talent required


struggle to enforce the organization’s technology standards and practices when building/upgrading cloud-based applications


struggle to optimize cloud usage

Which strategies are your peers using to re-design cloud operations?


are hiring or training IT staff to help manage their clouds

That’s just the start.

Find out which other tactics are popular – and see if the analysts think they’re enough.

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Webinar: Strategies for Managing Multi-Cloud Environments.

Many organizations are discovering they’re spending money on services they don’t need, missing opportunities to optimize their cloud performance, and finding gaps in how they manage data.

Hear from Premkumar Balasubramanian at Hitachi Vantara and Alex Clemente from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services about effective strategies for managing Multi-Cloud environments. You’ll also learn more about challenges organizations face when it comes to multiple clouds and best practices on how to control them. You can now listen on-demand at any time that suits you.

Premkumar Balasubramanian

Founding Director of the Center for Digital Transformation

Premkumar Balasubramanian (“Prem”) heads Hitachi Vantara’s Technology and Solutions Office and is responsible for strategizing and supporting go-to-market (GTM) pursuits, architecting repeatable solutions for customers and providing technology and thought-leadership in modern engineering and evolving technologies focused on application modernization, data and analytics.

Senior Vice President, Technology and Solutions Office Hitachi Vantara


Build the core you need for constant evolution.

It’s time to be data-driven the only way that works. With a coordinated approach to modernizing your applications, infrastructure and data. And with a tailored approach to building your cloud, your way.

Learn how to modernize your core for continual innovation, with the unique approach we apply at Hitachi Vantara.