Strategies for Managing Multi-Cloud Environments

Read this to know how organizations can accelerate their digital transformation through automation, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and new insights.


Managing multiple clouds has become the norm as companies seek to improve their operations and accelerate their digital transformations, according to a survey of 283 business respondents by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. Yet many of them struggle to manage their clouds effectively and to keep pace with the talent and skills needed to do so.

A big focus for companies now is managing the growing complexity and run costs of these hybrid, distributed cloud environments while accelerating innovation to keep pace with customer expectations. Managing multi-cloud complexity requires new approaches to IT operations that enhance automation and simplification. It requires implementing development, security, operations, and site reliability engineering (SRE) practices into how you design, build, deploy, and operate your applications and workloads for the cloud.

Learn strategies and policies organizations are adopting to manage multi-cloud complexity.

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