Powering the Utilities of Tomorrow — Can GenAI Create a Multiplier Effect?

Today’s power utilities face a trilemma in which they must balance energy security, affordability and sustainability. Their sector is undergoing an upheaval driven by decentralization, decarbonization and digitalization. Industry leaders see AI and GenAI as potential solutions to these challenges, but those technologies raise urgent questions of their own.

This paper addresses the questions and choices facing power utilities, providing a balanced perspective on the potential application of GenAI for the utilities industry and offering actionable insights so that C-suite executives can make informed decisions regarding GenAI adoption for the sector.


In the past, risk aversion has kept power utilities from quickly adopting new technologies. But artificial intelligence (AI) is changing that. Conventional AI has already shown tremendous potential for the industry in optimizing operational performance, ensuring grid resilience and security, and enabling integration of decentralized energy resources. Generative AI (GenAI) could create a multiplier effect by expanding this potential in these existing areas while also significantly improving the customer and employee experience. Utility executives need to view and consider GenAI use cases through adequate guardrails to ensure that the technology is adopted in an ethical manner, that it ensures adequate privacy and security, and that it is compliant with regulatory mandates.

Read this white paper to get a perspective on the potential application of GenAI for the utilities industry, along with actionable insights for informed decisions making regarding GenAI adoption for the sector.

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