Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring - Decrease Power-Substation Downtime Due to Damage by Intruders

A new approach to power substation safety and efficiency with intelligent monitoring,” a use case by Hitachi Digital Services, addresses the significant challenge of substation damage due to small animals and unauthorized intruders. This comprehensive document discusses how damages, ranging from $250,000 to $1 million annually, result in extensive customer power outages. The traditional methods of damage detection and maintenance are proving inadequate. Hitachi’s solution, incorporating video AI, analytics, and smart cameras, offers a proactive, real-time monitoring and alert system, substantially increasing system uptime, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing both operational and capital expenditures. This innovative approach not only enhances maintenance effectiveness but also significantly decreases the environmental impact, marking a pivotal shift towards a future built on intelligent, secure infrastructure.

NOTE: As of Nov 1, 2023, Hitachi Digital Services spun off from Hitachi Vantara as an independent digital consultancy and technology company, as detailed in this Press Release.

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