Industry Insights: Accelerated Industrial Digitalization

IndustryWeek and Hitachi Vantara present the data from the findings to help manufacturers benchmark their current digitalization efforts and gain a better understanding of future opportunities.


Major recent global changes have inarguably accelerated the world’s rate of digitalization. In an effort to gauge the current state of digitalization throughout the manufacturing industry, IndustryWeek and Hitachi Vantara conducted a survey of manufacturing leaders about their digital transformation progress.

Key findings to note:

  • Half to slightly more than 50% of respondents still use either PowerPoints or spreadsheets to relay information during meetings.
  • Only one-quarter of all respondents use a dedicated digital platform. Approximately half of all participants spend at least five to 10 hours per month preparing for meetings.
  • Fourteen percent of respondents in the early stages of the digital transformation spend more than 10 hours a month prepping for meetings.
  • Nearly half of respondents are already operating at pre-pandemic levels.

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