Roxanne Hughes

I am privileged to work in an organization that embraces a culture of innovation and celebrates diversity

Priscilla Sousa

We’re enabling our customer to operate a zero-emission bus fleet by 2035 and focuses on sustainability, an area I am interested in, as it brings good not only to the company but to society

Nick Rowley

I enjoy working with colleagues and clients to deliver innovative solutions that deliver business goals

Kirsten Anderson

Hitachi projects often have genuine societal impact, and we are set apart from other large organizations, especially because of our IOT, technology and innovation focused business

Judit Mester

Our client work at Hitachi contributes to the development and wellbeing of society, which has really impressed me

Claire Thomas

I stay at Hitachi for the same reasons I joined ten years ago – talented people; great team spirit; variety; a focus on doing good for society as well as our clients; and continued opportunities to grow and develop as an individual

Abu Abubakar

My biggest surprise at Hitachi is how we embrace ambiguity and approach problems with humility

Matt Cole

As the digital solutions and services arm of the Hitachi group, plays a critical role helping other parts of Hitachi group and their clients implement a digital strategy and roadmap

Bridie Arumugam

An inclusive culture has always been intrinsic to Hitachi, which fosters self-authenticity. And I just love working in the team I am in