Hitachi Services Decrease in Incidence Volume by Half and Deliver Massive Timesavings


Assure management for multicloud infrastructure operations and allow internal teams to focus on innovation.


Provide a dedicated team to enable global public cloud operations, meet SLAs and ensure technical support.


  • Close to 100% SLAs now achieved for availability and performance.
  • Nearly 50% reduction in total volume of incidents thanks to adoption of automation.
  • More than 7,000 hours saved over one year thanks to managed environments that required smaller teams.
  • Almost a dozen key process improvement (KPI) initiatives implemented.

Challenge: Create Dedicated Team for Cloud Infrastructure Ops

To allow its internal teams to focus on innovation in products and services and meet service level agreements (SLAs), a global finance firm determined that it needed a dedicated team to manage its multicloud infrastructure operations. These functions stretched across six cloud environments, more than1,000 servers, close to 10 mission-critical apps and almost 90 accounts. Management efforts would need to follow guidelines, guardrails, security and compliance requirements, while leveraging existing investments in operations, further complicating the environment. Mature services for monitoring, alerting, configuration, change and availability management would need to move to highly secure and compliant cloud platforms on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Global finance firm saves more than 7,000 hours a year with Hitachi services, meeting almost 100% of service level agreement (SLA) objectives.

Solution: New Cloud and Management Approaches To Meet SLAs

Hitachi Vantara provided cloud modernization services, working with the firm to:

  • Enable global public cloud operations for monitoring, triaging, notifying and remediating alerts per agreed SLAs.
  • Establish support for niche tools used for monitoring and deployment as well as process management tools with a team of cloud operators, cloud experts and site reliability engineers (SREs).
  • Ensure resolution for service requests and incidents per agreed service level management (SLM) indicators for all cloud infrastructure resources.
  • Manage scheduled maintenance activities, such as access management, resource upgrades and patching, by following customer-defined processes.


The solution embraced by the global financial firm delivered improvements to free up staff time and to transform critical areas:

  • Customer satisfaction was enhanced by adherence to SLAs, which has reached almost 100%.
  • Policy standardization was enforced across multiple public clouds to support quick migration and the ability to run apps in the public cloud.
  • More than nearly 90 accounts were set up from scratch to meet the unique requirements for cloud infrastructure.