Fortune 500 Healthcare Company Selects Automation Solution To Transform Healthcare Delivery


A Fortune 500 healthcare company wanted to give all its customers access to its analytics software, to improve analytical reporting and insights. However, due to operations in multiple hospital IT environments, installation was lengthy, expensive and complex.


Using the deployment accelerator, a proprietary automation tool of Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform, this Fortune 500 company was able to achieve one-click configuration and deployment.


The solution accelerated software delivery and reduced installation time from days to hours. The company was able to completely automate on-premises and cloud installations.

The Company

The well-known Fortune 500 healthcare company is a global leader in healthcare technology. It unlocks analytical insights to develop leading solutions that enable improved care at lower cost. With leading research, design and innovation capabilities, the company partners with its customers to transform the delivery of healthcare.

The company has a long history of innovation. REAN Cloud’s* DevOps automated processes allow us to install our new analytics application efficiently, thereby helping us use the power of technology to transform the delivery of healthcare.

*Hitachi Vantara acquired REAN Cloud in 2018.

- Customer Representative , Fortune 500 Healthcare Company ,

DevOps Challenge

The healthcare company had an analytics tool that it wanted to install in all hospitals that it worked with, to provide faster reports and analysis. The main bottleneck was installing the complex environment, which had six to seven interdependent software components.

Initially, the installation instruction document for the analytical software was 100+ pages long. Manual installation was complex and difficult to scale since each hospital had a different environment. It took the healthcare company’s team about two weeks to prepare and six days to deploy its software in any hospital. Moreover, this installation was error prone, long and expensive, requiring many days of preparation. The healthcare company tried to automate this process using shell-based scripting languages. But this approach was also error prone, and any disruption in installation required many hours of rollback. The software delivery process was also manual and had longer cycle times.

Why Choose This Solution?

The healthcare company wanted to use modern DevOps technologies and tools to automate the installation process. In addition, it wanted to improve the overall continuous integration and continuous delivery (Cl/CD) pipeline to speed up the software delivery cadence (see Figure 1). Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform provided DevOps expertise to speed up the delivery of the healthcare company’s analytical software application. These capabilities would fully automate and simplify the installation process for both the on-premises VMware environment and Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment.

The healthcare company was keen on implementing the solutions deployment accelerator, to speed its DevOps Cl/CD pipeline solution and as a delivery platform to automate installations.


The Solution

The deployment accelerator is an automation tool used by Hitachi Vantara to deploy and configure simple to complex environments, reliably and repeatedly. Installations that took weeks happen in minutes via high-speed deployment automation. The deployment team used Cloud Accelerator Platform and helped the healthcare company to set up the Cl/CD process. This approach made installation reliable and fully automated, speeding delivery of the software.

The deployment team worked with the healthcare company’s engineers to develop one-click configuration of the complete software, including the seed data. It leveraged deployment accelerator for environment setup, automation provisioning and configuration management. With this approach, it automated the installation and configuration of the software, end to end.

The deployment accelerator provided the healthcare company’s field service engineer with graphical representation of the infrastructure environment. It allowed the field service engineer to easily configure and deploy the environment in one click, without any need to understand or change back-end configuration elements.

Deployment Architecture Diagram

The deployment team created an architecture within an Amazon Web Services environment (see Figure 2).

Business Benefits

Hitachi Vantara has brought down the time to prepare, deploy and configure from two weeks to two days. This success allows the healthcare company to implement its solution in a large number of hospitals, improving its overall footprint in the industry. Using the deployment accelerator, the deployment team provided the benefits shown in Figure 3.


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