Making Businesses More Resilient in an Always-On World

By Premkumar Balasubramanian

We live in an always-on world. In today’s dynamic business landscape, disruption of operations and key processes just don’t work. Organizations need to keep their critical workloads and businesses up and running to meet customer requirements and move their businesses forward.

That is no small task.

IT systems are complex, and they can get hit by any number of problems throughout their lives: from code deployment hiccups to data and state failures, alongside infrastructure problems. And today’s distributed systems, frequent releases, and remote teams only add to the complexity. During these challenges, it’s crucial to prioritize resilience, cost-effectiveness, and strong security measures to protect the system and keep it running smoothly.

Failure isn’t an option

IDC recently wrote that “digital resiliency is the ability for an organization to rapidly adapt to business disruptions by leveraging digital capabilities to not only restore business operations, but also capitalize on the changed conditions. Technology is a critical supporting component of this business imperative.”

Clearly, every business needs to expect system failures and, more importantly, plan for them.

The famous line “failure isn’t an option” from the movie Apollo 13 are truly words to live by.

We are Committed to Resilience

That’s why resilience is so central to the mission here at Hitachi Digital Services. We understand how important it is for customers to have systems that can withstand and recover from failures.

In this pursuit, our Hitachi Application Reliability Services (HARC) stand out. These services optimize cloud workloads for resiliency, performance, and cost through application modernization and automation. HARC combines cloud experts and industry-leading methodologies to ensure your application portfolios are always focused on what really matters — your business outcomes.

The fact that Hitachi Digital Services is one of a few select companies globally that has achieved Amazon Web Services AWS Resilience Services Competency is a new proof point of that ongoing commitment.

What this means is that we are recognized as an AWS Partner that provides validated solutions to help customers improve their critical systems availability and resilience posture using AWS Resilience Services. In our capacity as an AWS Resilience Competency Partner, we will be delivering tailored guidance and solutions to help customers achieve the highest system uptime.

There are three distinct AWS Resilience Services Competency categories:

(1) Resilience Design assesses whether the partner demonstrates being able to architect, operate, and recover critical workloads with service-level requirements above 99.95%.

(2) Resilience Operations determines whether the partner can manage workloads in production for resilient operations.

(3) Resilience Recovery assesses whether the partner effectively can design and operate workloads with business continuity planning and disaster recovery capabilities.

Hitachi Digital Services has earned certifications in all three of these categories! This achievement speaks volumes about the commitment we have made and the dedicated work the team has been tirelessly doing for the past two years to set this up.

And We’re Ready to Help

As one of AWS’s recently announced launch partners for the AWS Resilience Services Competency, Hitachi Digital Services is even more excited to leverage our AWS Partner designation, demonstrated technical proficiency, and proven customer success in supporting customers’ resilience goals to help even more customers increase their resilience through the power of our top-notch services.

To learn more about how Hitachi Digital Services can make your organization more resilient, check out Hitachi Application Reliability Centers. 



Premkumar Balasubramanian, Chief Technology Officer, Hitachi Digital Services

Marimuthu Muthusamy, Global Delivery Leader, HARC, Hitachi Digital Services