Leading the Charge in Oil and Gas, and Power and Utilities Industries

By John Smerkar

Hitachi Digital Services is thrilled to share its recognition as a Leader in Services and Solutions for the Oil and Gas and the Power and Utility industry by Information Services Group (ISG).  

This accolade underscores our prominence in these sectors and our role as a Product Challenger in Next-Gen IT/OT Services, Capital Projects Management, Data Management, Cloud Computing, and Energy Transition Services. Our efforts have positioned us at the forefront of the industry’s transformation, driven by our commitment to innovation and excellence. 

Our collaboration with ISG has also culminated in an insightful new white paper, “Powering the Utilities of Tomorrow — Can GenAI Create a Multiplier Effect?” This paper dives deep into the challenges faced by today’s power utilities, caught in a trilemma of balancing energy security, affordability, and sustainability amidst the upheaval of decentralization, decarbonization, and digitalization. The paper explores how Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI can be potential solutions to these challenges, providing a balanced perspective on GenAI’s application in the utilities industry.  

Gen AI built on top of large Language Models (LLMs) or machine learning algorithms are trained on large datasets and are highly valued today due to their versatility in conversational AI, writing, summarization, and translation tasks. When designed to perform functions that would otherwise require distinct specialized systems, they can be transformative. It offers executives actionable insights for informed decision-making regarding GenAI adoption in the sector, allowing for a more proactive and predictive approach to operations. 

This recognition by ISG and our collaborative research on GenAI emphasize Hitachi Digital Services’ commitment to addressing the complex challenges in the Oil and Gas as well as the Power and Utilities industries. Our innovative approaches and solutions are tailored to meet the evolving needs of these industries, ensuring efficient, and future-proofed strategies. 

What’s next for Hitachi and ISG? 

Stay tuned for our upcoming webinar, where we will dive deep into our leadership position and discuss the exciting future of energy and utilities in the age of AI and more. This event will provide valuable insights into our strategies for sustainable energy solutions and operational excellence and efficiency. 

For more details, please visit the full reports:

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ISG’s Recognition Report for Oil and Gas

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