Bringing Hitachi Image-Based Inspections to AWS Marketplace

By Shamik Mehta

Location, location, location. It’s as important in the cyberworld as it is in the real world.

And for the B2B industry, there’s few locations more prime than the AWS Marketplace.

This phenomenal destination of commerce has been helping customers and providers alike get the right tools and tech into the right hands since 2012. With the simple mission to make it easy for customers to “find, compare, and immediately start using” software and services needed to “build products and run their businesses,” the AWS Marketplace has what both information and operational techs (IT/OT) need.

We at Hitachi Vantara are thrilled to announce that our Hitachi Image-Based Inspections solutions are now fully-validated and available on the AWS Marketplace. These AI-powered image-analytics products enables energy utilities, manufacturers, construction companies and more, to identify assets from captured images to detect defects using prebuilt asset models.

Part of the Lumada Inspection Insights portfolio, Hitachi Image-Based Inspections enables companies to quickly replace expensive, time-consuming maintenance processes that often require placing humans in dangerous settings, from climbing tall transmission towers, to hanging from helicopters or other risky methods. Through a combination of sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models and processes, this fully automated and integrated platform speeds results, lowers risk, and ushers in a new era of safety.

Consider the catastrophic impact that climate change is having on the aging power distribution infrastructure in my state of California. Each Summer, increased asset failures along powerlines cutting deep into the woods and high on the hills of the state, are causing increasingly deadly fires. Of the 12 deadliest forest fires in the state, as a matter of fact, eight have occurred in the last five years. And although utilities are taking steps to ameliorate the situation, this often means pre-emptive power shutdowns, which can actually cause power outages in far off, unaffected areas.

Hitachi Image-Based Inspections is only the latest technology solution Hitachi Vantara has brought to AWS Marketplace. We recently also introduced Hitachi Application Reliability Center (HARC) services and software to the platform. Through a robust combination of engineering talent, best in class tools, and frameworks plus purpose-built modern facilities across time zones, we are delivering the most advanced cloud management function for AWS workloads.

We also offer Global-Active Device Cloud Quorum (GAD), a system solution that enables customers to create and maintain synchronous, remote copies of data. Using a “quorum disk,” or a managed disk drive that is reserved for system management. Our GAD Cloud Quorum brings the quorum disk to the cloud, which eliminates the need for an on-premises quorum and simplifies the configuration for GAD users.

These solutions build on our growing partnership with AWS. In addition to these great Marketplace offerings, Hitachi Vantara’s Lumada Manufacturing Insights is listed in AWS Partner Solution finder. Validated by AWS, the solution uses AI and ML techniques enabled by AWS Services to help companies capture and connect data from man, machine, method and material (the 4 M’s) for situational awareness. Then using 4M industrial analytics, it produces critical insights around machine, production, and quality assets.

From the automated intelligence of our new Hitachi Imaged-Based Inspections to the Lumada Manufacturing Insights, our partnership with AWS helps us get critical tools into the hands that need them most, quickly and easily.

To see these solutions in action, visit us at AWS reInvent, in Las Vegas, booth #2617.

And click here to learn more about our partnership.

Shamik Mehta is Director, Industry Solutions Marketing, Hitachi Vantara.